what is the 403(b) total solution?

GCM works with Aspire Financial Services, a nationally recognized service provider, to manage your account. As the provider, Aspire houses your funds, in what is called a “custodial account,” and sends you all of your statements. Aspire is not involved in any of the investment decisions. Because GCM has discretion as the investment advisor, GCM monitors your investments and directs Aspire when to make changes


“The people who do some of the most good in the world (and often get paid the least for it) end up in high-cost plans with second-rate investment choices. When these employees finally wise up, it can take years to find a better deal and get their human resources departments, or bosses, to find an outside financial adviser who can help them switch plans.”

— The New York Times, “Teachers and Annuities: A Questionable Match and Hard Products to Shed”

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