Fund Monitoring and Selection

Plan Sponsors have a responsibility to prudently select, monitor and deselect investment options in a retirement plan.

Generation Capital helps you with this important responsibility by using multiple investment analytical tools to create comprehensive investment evaluation reports. The GCM monitoring and evaluation entails a documented approach every quarter. Multiple monitoring criteria include:

On an ongoing basis, we will monitor the investment vehicles to ensure:

  • Asset class and style criteria are being met.
  • Performance expectations are being achieved.
  • Issues including increased expenses and management turnover are not impacting the vehicle.
  • Since we are truly independent and have no affiliation to a Bank or Broker Dealer, we do not collect mutual fund fees. This allows us to act solely in the best interest of the plan.  Allows us to use ‘best of breed’ funds.  
  • Present quarterly report with findings

If an investment vehicle fails to meet the plan’s criteria or ERISA’s requirements:

  • The investment fiduciaries must remove and replace it/them.
  • Failure to remove a fund is a fiduciary breach under ERISA and can make the plan committee members or the responsible officers personally liable for any losses that result.