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Q4 2018

You’ve heard the litany: It’s Trump’s fault. It’s Brexit’s fault. The economy is booming. Oil is collapsing. Tax rates are too high. Tax rates are too low. Investors are pumped.


Q3 2018

It was yet another roller coaster ride for the global marketplace during the third quarter of 2018. This historic, bullish economy that the U.S. is experiencing has driven domestic stocks to an all-time high as the market continues to reap the benefits of the tax cuts and other fiscal stimulus…


Q2 2018

Volatility persisted entering the second quarter of 2018, as geopolitical uncertainties dominated the headlines across the world.


q1 2018

Stock market volatility reared its head throughout the first three months of 2018, sending the market through highs and lows that broke historic records...


q4 2017

We continue to see a strong economic backdrop as 2017 comes to an end...